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Collective Farming in Russia: A Political Study of the Soviet Kolkhozy. (Social Science Studies.) Pp. v, Lawrence: University of Kan sas Publications,
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Among those who must be credited with having contributed greatly to whatever is of value in this study must be included Professor William B. Ballis of the University of Michigan, who supervised the work in its original form as a doctoral thesis at the University of Washington.

Miss Ruth Sturtevant, University of Kansas, must be credited for her considerable assistance in the revision of the original manuscript.

I wish to thank also Mr. Alec Nove, University of London, a highly respected friend and colleague, who not only supplied me with materials for the work but also provided an invaluable critical reading of an early draft of the project.

Transformation and Terror

Indeed, I am indebted to many others for their assistance and I wish to extend my thanks to them as well. However, if this work were to be dedicated, two people would bear the inscription: my father, the late Dr.

Claude Ross Laird, who from the very start was an inspiration and teacher of values; and my wife Betty Olson Laird for her tireless effort in seeing me through and for her challenging presence. An unknown error has occurred.

Collectivization in the Soviet Union

Please click the button below to reload the page. See Article History. Alternative Titles: collective farm, kolkhos, kolkhozy, kolkoz, kollektivnoye khozyaynstvo. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. These farms have carried on the long-established Russian tradition of communal farming from nucleated settlements.

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Individual farms started to reappear in the post-Soviet years. By there were nearly , private farms, though in the…. Soviet collective farms were in theory cooperative associations of farmers who combined their land and capital, sharing proceeds in common.

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Each family on a collective farm, however, was permitted to own a small plot of land, so that modern and traditional work organization existed side by…. History at your fingertips. The forcible confiscation of meat and bread led to mutinies among the peasants.

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They even preferred to slaughter their cattle than hand it over to the collective farms. Sometimes the Soviet government had to bring in the army to suppress uprisings. The old traditions of the Russian peasantry were smashed.

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The early years of collectivization were catastrophic. In , the country was struck by a great famine that killed about 8 million people, due in no small part to collectivization. Still, collectivization was not all doom and gloom. Collectivization allowed the state to take control over the agricultural sector and the distribution of provisions.

This helped a lot, especially when the Great Patriotic War broke out in If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.