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How do children learn to tell stories? What uses does storytelling serve for young children? What do their stories mean, and how are they put together? By the.
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What are the clues that tell you who your child will be when he or she grows up? After the consultation with the therapists, I would then go back to embark on another phase in the interviewing. Finally I agreed with the participants the edited texts, based very closely on recorded interviews. These young people are the authors, having each agreed a non exclusive copyright licence with the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.

Keller Interview

In recognition of their contribution, the participants have also been offered additional services, such as educational support. As well as co-operation with prison staff, such a complex project has called for strong partnerships — with the Bowlby Centre as a source of therapeutic expertise and with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation providing generous financial support. The responsibility of an editor for this kind of publication is to avoid elaboration or embroidery in the manner of a ghost writer eager to create a marketable product.

While the stories each have their strongly distinctive and original features, the participants talked about life experiences that fitted with the expectations formed by a reading of the literature on violence. In the introduction to the study we reflect on what the stories reveal about the impact of problems in early childhood relationships upon involvement in interpersonal violence.

If there is inconsistency or rejection by parental figures, anger and insecurity frame children'Surendran J working models of relationships. Damage to the child'Surendran J model of the external world creates the potential for violence in response to frustration De Zulueta, In a study of young people convicted of grave crimes Boswell found that many had experienced abuse or loss of a person to whom they were emotionally attached. We believe that a major implication of the project is to renew a debate about the priorities and principles of reactions to serious violence for which children are held responsible.

The criminalisation of these children has for too long detracted from our society's capacity to understand traumatic experiences that should be the target of wider preventive support and intervention. Without listening carefully to them, can we seriously say that we are a society that seeks to protect children?

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The central aim of the project has been to witness the experiences of young people. We now hope that others can read their stories, presented almost as we heard them, and appreciate how the children's primary attachment relationships have been damaged and how they have tried to come to terms with disturbing outcomes. My Story is available for free download. Boswell, G. Bowlby, J. Attachment and Loss. Engel, S. Making Sense of the Narratives of Childhood , W. Freeman and Company, New York.

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Narratives in Early Childhood Education: Communication, Sense Making and Lived Experience

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