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Using alarms to monitor vSphere performance. Choosing between vCenter Server and vCenter Client. To start leveraging the capabilities and enterprise-class features of vSphere, you must install vCenter Server. The installer will guide you through each step of the process:. Note: To download the software, you must set up an account at the VMware store , which you typically do upon purchase of VMware products. Either format will install all of the components necessary, but there are differences.


To extend the functionality of vCenter Server, several additional components are included. These add-ons give vCenter greater functionality in the area of ESX and ESXi patching, as well as the ability to convert physical, or other virtual, systems into a vSphere environment. These add-ons include.

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It works hand in hand with vCenter Converter Enterprise to import systems into vSphere. Now that you are familiar with some of the additional components, let's see how they are installed. It analyzes systems that you want to virtualize in a vSphere environment. The information vCenter Consolidation gathers is only useful if it can be acted upon—in other words, if you want to convert a physical system into a virtual system.

With vCenter Converter Enterprise installed, growing the vSphere environment can be accomplished quickly and easily. As the numbers of hosts grow, maintenance, and specifically patching, can become a burden. In the days of ESX 2. The majority of times, it was easier to simply rebuild hosts using some type of automated scripting. This manual patching process required VMware administrators to have some Linux command-line knowledge or at least familiarity.

VMware released VMware Update Manager with the launch of Virtual Infrastructure 3 with the aim of making the patching process significantly easier. It is a complete solution for the patching of VMware hosts, Windows guests, and Linux guests.

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In vSphere, this product has been rebranded as vCenter Update Manager. This information will give vCenter Update Manager the ability to access and download patches when connected to the Internet behind a proxy server.

Now that the additional components for vCenter Server have been installed, the installation of vSphere Client will provide you with the ability to manage vCenter Server and the additional components. When the VI Client was introduced with the 1.

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When version 2. The release of the 2.

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Microsoft Visual J 2. Plug-ins for additional components that were installed will have to be added upon connecting to vCenter Server. Now that vSphere Client is installed, the initial setup of the vSphere environment can begin.

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